She graduated from Ege University Faculty of Economics and Administrative Sciences Department of Economics in 2015 and completed her master's degree in Ege University Agricultural Economics Department in 2020. Since 2015, she has been attending contemporary dance lessons given by Cansu Ergin at TOBAV, and since 2016 she has been participating in contemporary dance shows (Yeni, Bağlantı, Sarmaşık, Didar) where Cansu Ergin has been a choreographer. In 2019, she took contemporary dance lessons from different instructors at Tanzfabrik and Marameo studios in Berlin. In 2020, she took the stage at the 3rd Solo Contemporary Dance Festival with her solo performance named Surrender.

Ayşenur Sarı



Cem Barışcan graduated from Mimar Sinan Fine Arts University, Department of Cinema in 2009. He has worked in various jobs in the cinema, advertising and television industries. The short films he directed; A Short Film About Therese Zauser (2019), The Scapegoat (2017), Desise (2011), Cemre (2010), The Ember (2010) and Yanılsama (2007). In 2002, he was the director of photography for Faruk Bey'in Gizli Aşkı. Other works are; Mardin The Others, The Others 2, Sounds Of Mardin, Şırnak A Journey Through City Of Noah, The Others, Peyman, Tersanedekiler, Yok Deve, Tatlıcının Acısı, Çay Ocağı, Pehlivan, Gençlik Bir Kuş İdi Uçurdum Tutamadım, İhtiyarlık Bir Kumaş İdi Gezdirip Satamadım, Fethiye'de Düğün and Elma Dersem Çıkma.

Cem Barışcan



Ceren Kayalar conducted research on human-computer interaction technologies in the fields
of augmented reality scenarios within the scope of cultural heritage in Sabancı University
Computer Graphics Laboratory (CGLab) between 2005 and 2015. In addition to her
academic studies published in international conferences during this period, she worked part-
time in various projects in startups on interactive technologies in Istanbul, took part in the
Maker Movement, collaborated with architects, designers, and artists, and exhibited at
festivals. She continues to take part in projects of independent initiatives where different
disciplines come together as an coordinator and creative technologies researcher. She has
been teaching interaction design and creative coding at Yaşar University since 2016. She
conducts projects and organizes workshops, events, and exhibitions at xLab Interaction
Design laboratory ( in Yasar University.

Ceren Kayalar

Media Curator