Outis aims to widen the contemporary dance practice of the city, inspired by Izmir as a whole with its history, cultural heritage and architecture, and to present international dance performances born from the combination of three different art disciplines (contemporary dance, visual arts and music)

Outis is supported by Spaces of Culture program.


The project emphasizing the universality of body and dance, the performances created in parallel with body awareness and coordination studies, it aims to bring together people who live in the center / outside of Izmir, who have not been able to discover their bodies with contemporary dance. Inspired by the word meaning of Outis, the idea of ​​Universal Body aims to be a concrete and common channel for everyone who enjoys the dance of the soul by opening up space for artistic production.

Outis premiere will be online on Wednesday, October 21 at 20:00 on our Premiere page and Outis Youtube channel

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