Norbert Stammberger




Norbert R. Stammberger was born in Coburg, Bavaria, Germany in 1958. His music studies took place in-between jazz-rock and new music. In 1989 he was awarded with the scholarship of the City of Munich. In 2019 he stands with his solo project "Poem X" on the longlist of the PDSchK in the category "Stepping-across-Borders". He travels the world as a soloist - last at Roaring Hooves Festival, Mongolia - with his own project "KlangBüro/SoundOffice" and as a guest soloist at numerous festivals of the Noise, No-Music, and Hard Listening scene. He writes music for orchestras and ensembles categorized to the contemporary music scene.

Since 2012 he has been in charge of KlangBüro, a complete work of art made action and sound, network, and concert performances. Here he received for 2019 the APPLAUS Venue Prize of the Minister of Culture and Media of the German Government for a culturally high program planning. The works of Norbert R. Stammberger find physical and digital worldwide distribution via his own label GNU Records & Publishing, Munich.