Cansu Ergin

contemporary dance



Being one of the emerging Turkish artists dedicated to spreading contemporary dance through many cities in Turkey, I use performance, workshops, and other means as a way to include people in the act of doing rather than only watching performances. During my study and later on within my dance career, my creations were presented and performed in Lisbon, Prague, Utrecht, Budapest, İstanbul, Karachi, Sardinia, Munich...among other cities, and I was invited to several festivals and platforms in Europe. In Lisbon, I have worked on the improvisation methods in a very intensive period with choreographers such like Vera Mantero, Mark Tompkins, Jeremy Nelson, Lisa Nelson, Meg Stuart, Joao Fiadeiro among others. Through many different approaches to improvisation, I was focused on the real-time composition, the score, actions, and live music. After Lisbon, I've been based in Izmir and Istanbul in Turkey, focusing on the theme 'transformation' My ideas have been getting stronger through time, reaffirming my will to work with the concepts of transformation and becoming, as life-long Project concepts. After reflecting on the content of what I deal with and process at the moment, I can see clear personal, cultural, and political aspects coming out. Influenced by Andre Lepecki and Hans Lehmann's essays: "the body is a theatre by itself without any other subjects/or objects", I research to understand what the body can express by using its structure, to understand the skeleton, the forces, and the energies -where they come from, how they function, the transformation of passive energy into kinetic energy - and to understand how these changes could be employed and resonate through the body and make it move.


Since 2013 I have been performing nationally and internationally improvisation performances as well as solo choreographies, awarded with my 2 solo works; 1st and 3rd prizes ( New Europe Dance Festival- Szolo Duo Dance Festival). I have toured with the direction by the german saxophone player Norbert Stammberger starting from Turkey to Germany, Italy and till now we work together included musicians with their styles from other nations such as Rieko Okuda, Matteo Muntoni, Marta Loddo, Aleksandar Skoric, Kriton Beyer...among others. And Since I have met the Idea of improvisational dance performances, many things have changed in my personal life and I believe this is one of the ways I will always follow and leave my own traces wherever I perform...